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Finnish Port delves in digitalisation

The Port of HaminaKotka and a Finnish technology company VRT Finland Ltd., specialised in underwater 3D inspections, have signed a contract continuing their cooperation in building a smart digital port. In the cooperation, HaminaKotka port will expand the use of VRT Finlands 3D operating system with the aim of streamlining day-to-day operations of the entire port. The Port of HaminaKotka has partly utilised the VRT BIM 3D online service in the past.

VRT Finland and Port of HaminaKotka deepened their cooperation in the maintenance of the harbor area and structures by continuing the use of the VRT BIM 3D online system across the whole port operations. VRT, specialising in underwater structural inspections and 3D data management, has developed a fully web-based service, VRT BIM, for 3D management and utilisation. The system enables storage, comparison, sharing and utilization of 3D data in the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the port.

The Port Authority stated that the online service is important as it concentrates information on one online-platform to make information sharing and daily operations more effective. Furthermore it claims that VRT BIM enables the comparison of inspection data collected from the same location, which facilitates the predictive planning and execution of repair and maintenance projects.

“For a long time, VRT has innovatively utilized its 3D inspection- and data modeling expertise. Our strength is the understanding of the entire 3D production chain from collecting data to reporting. As a result of our outstanding programmers, we have succeeded in creating a solution that is easy to use and especially serves the owners of structures in life-cycle management”,
says VRT Finland’s CEO Kirsi Hänninen.

VRT BIM also works on mobile and without any additional software installations, replacing several different softwares with one solution. In cooperation with HaminaKotka port, VRT will also develop additional features for VRT BIM online-service tailored to the port operations, which further supports the needs of maintenance, communication and daily activities.

“The user-friendliness and clarity of VRT BIM is convincing”,
says Port of HaminaKotka’s Maintenance Manager Saana Vuorinen. “Locating and reporting damages as well as finding possible repair needs is easier, while communication with stakeholders is improved. Although VRT BIM is a great tool especially for operational activities of our port, it has plenty of features that are useful for the whole organization. The operating system will be an important part of our daily operations”, Vuorinen summarises.

“The best result is always achieved with good cooperation listening to the customer. Port of HaminaKotka is an excellent partner for VRT because it wants to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the most modern technology to be a pioneer in its field in Europe”,
Hänninen continues.

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