Port of Rotterdam Authority, Gasunie and EBN open Carbon Capture project

Port of Rotterdam
Port of Rotterdam Authority, Gasunie and EBN are preparing a CCUS (Carbon Capture Usage and Storage) project, in which CO2 from industry will be transported to storage sites in depleted gas fields deep beneath the North Sea seabed. The three companies are working together on the preparation of this project under the name Porthos: Port of Rotterdam CO2 Transport Hub & Offshore Storage.

The Porthos project is being developed as an open access transport and storage infrastructure which can be used by multiple parties to store CO₂. A so-called Expression of Interest process has been launched in order to obtain a clear picture of which companies are interested to become a customer, and when and how much CO2 they are willing and able to supply. Companies can express their interest before 1 April 2019.

The Expression of Interest process is part of the preparations for the Porthos project. A decision about the realisation of the Porthos project is expected to be taken in the course of 2020.

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