AqualisBraemar is set to ramp up its po..."> AqualisBraemar is set to ramp up its po...">

AqualisBraemar and OWC team up

AqualisBraemar is set to ramp up its ports and harbours unit and combine resources with offshore wind consultancy unit OWC following a surge in assignments driven by renewable energy developments. AqualisBraemar and OWC are both part of Oslo-listed consultancy group AqualisBraemar ASA.

“We have offered port development and associated marine services for several years. However, as the surge in offshore renewable developments has breathed new life into many new ports around the world, we are adapting our ports and harbours business to meet these requirements. Our objective is to recruit and grow this team considerably going forward,” says Captain David Faulkner, head of ports & harbours services at AqualisBraemar. 

The company’s ports and harbours team specialises in providing marine studies, including technical due diligence, to assist in the development of new and existing port projects. A key offering is engineering studies for terminal modifications, port expansions and greenfield port developments.

Associated marine services include vessel manoeuvring simulations, navigation risk assessments, vessel movement and route simulations, anchor drag/dropped object modelling, grounding and allision risk analyses, dynamic mooring analyses as well as port capacity and utilisation studies to reduce operating costs in both port and offshore environments. 

An increase in offshore wind developments has resulted in numerous ports currently undergoing, or planning to undergo, modification and upgrading work to position themselves for green investments. 

“We are able to combine specialist ports and harbours competence with expert offshore wind competence. We believe this is an unbeatable combination for anyone involved with renewable energy harbour developments,” says David Faulkner. 

OWC is an independent technical advisor, engineering, and project management consultancy to the offshore renewables sector. Since its inception in 2011, OWC has been involved in a total of 58 GW of offshore wind projects worldwide. 

“It is great to see that offshore wind is increasingly creating positive ripple effects onshore. Together with AqualisBraemar’s ports and harbours unit, we can help ports identify exactly what they need in order to provide the ideal platform to support offshore renewables developments,” says Will Cleverly, managing director of OWC. 

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