Port of Nigg investigates green hydrogen potential

ScottishPower, through its recently launched Green Hydrogen Business, has signed an agreement with Global Energy Group at their Port of Nigg site to work together to identify processes and plant that could be powered by green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen will be generated at the Nigg site and used to power heavy plant, machinery and vehicles used in the daily operations at the site and to power high temperature, energy intensive processes like the manufacturing of offshore wind components.

Barry Carruthers, ScottishPower’s Hydrogen Director, said: “Green hydrogen provides a sustainable, scale-able, long-term energy solution and we are looking forward to working with Global Energy Group to develop and deliver green hydrogen for their operations.”

ScottishPower stated it is committed to helping the UK decarbonise and reach its net zero targets. While electrification offers the majority of the solution, there are still some parts of the economy that are hard to electrify.

Barry Carruthers adds: “Electrification is vital to helping the UK decarbonise, but, in order for us to reach our climate change targets, we need to start developing and delivering green hydrogen now to the places where electrification can’t reach.

“Over the next five years we need to see industries as whole, and individual companies, that can’t be powered by electricity alone following in Global Energy Group’s footsteps and taking the decision to adopt green hydrogen.”

The Port of Nigg is the largest port in the Moray Firth in the north-east of Scotland. Offering deep-water quayside, the site has supported the construction of two of Scotland’s largest offshore wind farms and was
recently awarded the marshalling, storage and logistics base for Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm, a 1,075MW offshore wind farm in the Firth of Forth.

Global Energy Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cornelius commented: “In just under a decade we have invested over £90m into the Port of Nigg, transforming it into a first class, new age, multi energy sector facility. Now, as we work to further expand our site to help deliver the UK’s offshore wind ambition we need to look at what we can do to lower our own carbon emissions.

“Green hydrogen presents us with a major opportunity and we are thrilled to begin working with ScottishPower. The benefits go beyond lowering our own carbon emissions in our operations at Nigg, but also potentially gives us the ability to support the wider Cromarty Firth and Highland area with their operations and net zero targets.

“This agreement will be a pioneering project for ScottishPower, showcasing what green hydrogen can help an industry achieve.”

The partnership between ScottishPower and Global Energy Group will now begin a feasibility study to assess the full potential range of processes that could be supported by hydrogen in an efficient and innovative way.

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