The Seychelles Port Authority has applied to the European Investm..."> The Seychelles Port Authority has applied to the European Investm...">

Port Victoria applies for EIB support

The Seychelles Port Authority has applied to the European Investment Bank for the rehabilitation of the Port Victoria.

The industrial Port saw its opening in 1975. The aim was to construct a new port facility to increase ship turnaround times and allow larger ships to berth. The port opened in stages between September 1974 and May 1975. Port Victoria is an administrative, commercial, tourist and shipping centre.

The project consists of the rehabilitation and expansion of the commercial port within Port Victoria. The facility is in a state of serious disrepair and has insufficient berthing and yard space to operate efficiently and to meet future needs. The works will include detailed design and construction of a new quay offset from the existing quay, demolition as necessary of the existing quay, extension of the port yard area and dredging.

The expansion of the port is expected to have a substantial impact on Seychelles economic competitiveness, employment creation, sustainable growth and local trade and industry. The project will also pave the way for future private sector involvement, by providing an adequate and efficient infrastructure.

An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) has been prepared for the project in accordance with Seychelles Environmental Protection Act No. 9 (1994) and has been approved by the Seychelles Government. The approval contained a number of conditions related to earthworks, dredging, water quality, waste management and pollution control.

It also requires Seychelles Port Authority to prepare and implement a Project Implementation Plan and Construction Environment Management Plan prior to commencement of construction, to be submitted to the Ministry of Environment.

The €12m request will part finance the project, which is expected to coast a total of €35m, and is currently under appraisal.

Image source: (Wikipedia) Esskay

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