DHSS and Bek & Verburg are expanding their presence at the Port o..."> DHSS and Bek & Verburg are expanding their presence at the Port o...">

DHSS and Bek & Verburg expand in Eemshaven

DHSS and Bek & Verburg are expanding their presence at the Port of Eemshaven with the construction of a new build facility in Beatrixhaven, at the heavy cargo quayside. The facility, expected to be ready for operations in 2018, will support the companies offshore wind activities.

On 21st September 2017, Groningen Seaports officially transferred an A1 location of 10,000m2 in Beatrixhaven to wastes collection specialist Bek & Verburg, with whom vessel agency DHSS will construct a new offshore service base.

Development and construction work is ongoing and is being executed by Versluys Groep. The site will consist of a warehouse building and offices totalling 1,800m2. The complete yard and warehouse area feature a fluid tight floor and will meet the strictest environmental requirements.

In front of the new base, with preferred quayside for deep sea related vessels, is a heavy load quayside which will allow for near quay jacking.

We are excited, that, after a few years of investigating, while operating in Port of Eemshaven as a Ships Agency, we finally move to this ISPS location, which has great opportunities for us in our development in the offshore wind industry as a vessel agency and port service provider, which has celebrate her 20th Anniversary in 2017. With our major experience in Offshore helicopter logistics as well, DHSS is the single source when it comes to logistics and planning by sea and air in this industry,” says Wim Schouwenaar, CEO and founder of DHSS.

“DHSS is based in all strategic ports in The Netherlands, when it comes to Offshore Energy. With this new location at one of the best quaysides in Port of Eemshaven, for vessel assistance in segments of construction and operations and maintenance phase of Windfarms at Dutch and German sector, we are able to accelerate together with the major players in the Industry. We have managed to bring along to Eemshaven, a company which brings value added services to Groningen Seaports but also its clients visiting the port.”

Bek & Verburg, with its home base in Port of Rotterdam, started more than 55 years ago with collecting waste with so-called garbage vessels. Nowadays, Bek & Verburg runs various ‘green’ environmental waste collecting vessels, which segregate waste already on board to easily further segregate waste in their shore terminals. Shore waste containers and Offshore certified waste containers can be used by vessels, to dispose their various waste in an environmental manner.

Daan van Mullem, owner of Bek & Verburg, stated: “With our new location in Port of Eemshaven, a next chapter arises for our company. Capitalising on the growth of the Offshore Wind Industry, we are an important link with this location. With the expertise that we have built up over the past 55 years, we can ensure that 93% of all waste will find a useful (recycled) application. This way, we can, as a link within the Offshore Wind Industry, ensure that not only the energy itself is green, but also the waste which is released on a green way can be collected and processed.”

“With the opening of this new location we are active in almost all sea ports of The Netherlands. I see this as a big step forward in our company and we are going to make sure that the port of Eemshaven and Delfzijl are going to be a bit greener. By establishing near the source, on a perfect location in the Beatrixharbour, we can make sure that the waste is collected and processed as soon as possible on a neat way.”

Image source: Groningen Seaports

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