Associated British Ports (ABP) has announced plans to expand its sola..."> Associated British Ports (ABP) has announced plans to expand its sola...">

ABP to expand solar portfolio

Associated British Ports (ABP) has announced plans to expand its solar power portfolio by up to 20MW which could see the port operator install up to 100,000 solar panels across its 21 ports. With the expansion, ABP stated it could generate up to 22,400,000kWh of electricity each year and increase its solar portfolio by up to 250%.

The solar arrays will principally be added to the roofs of ABP’s 1.4 million square metres of covered storage space across the ports. The energy generated will power port operations for ABP and its customers, with excess power fed into the National Grid.

One scheme covering 23,000 square metres on multiple warehouses at Immingham, one of Britain’s biggest port, will become one of the UK’s largest rooftop solar installations when the project is complete in 2018. It is one of two locations set to go live by March 2018, together totalling 4.5MW.

The scheme will further boost ABPs renewable energy portfolio. It recently agreed a £310m joint investment with Siemens to create a wind turbine blade factory in the Port of Hull, to wind turbines at the ports of Newport and Swansea. Meanwhile, ABP is delivering 23 further green energy schemes across its port estate.

Chris Garton, ABP Director, Asset Management, said: “Renewable energy is at the heart of this business. Not only do we play a vital role in the thriving UK offshore wind sector but our business is increasingly a significant renewable energy generator in its own right.

“And we are confident that this is just the beginning for ABP. We still have significant potential to further develop our ports to generate yet more clean energy, further reducing the carbon footprint both of our business and of our customers’ operations.”  

Gary Sucharewycz, Director at Custom Solar, which has a three-year solar installation framework agreement with ABP, said: “The scale of this investment in solar arrays will make ABP one of the largest UK generators and users of solar energy.

”They have recognised not only the benefits of minimising the impact of operations on the environment but the value in the security of energy supply that solar offers.”

Image source: ABP (
Construction of one of the UK’s biggest rooftop solar arrays at the Port of Immingham)

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