Port of Felixtowe Container ship death "due to clogged strainer"

The Japanese Transport Safety board completed their investigations into the an explosion on the Japanese registered container vessel Manhattan Bridge with loss of 1 life, and 1 serious injury.

This report was published today in this country by the Marine Accident Investigations Board.  

While the container vessel MANHATTAN BRIDGE was docking with a master, 25 crew members and a pilot onboard at the port of Felixstowe at around 23:04 on January 19, 2017 (local time), an explosion occurred in the furnace of the auxiliary boiler. The duty oiler died, the second engineer suffered injuries and the burner unit of the auxiliary boiler damaged.

It is thought that explosion occurred in the furnace because, under existence of carbon monoxide gases heated by incomplete combustion and flames in the furnace, the Engineer operated the FD fan causing the flammable gas to be mixed with air. The explosion occurred by a rapid chemical reaction changing heated carbon monoxide gas.

A contributary factor was thought to be a strainer which was clogged when investigated had a  slimy wax-like material stuck to it which may have caused the MGO pressure drop just above the fuel oil low pressure alarm set point causing the reduced flow to the rotary cup burner. This led to incomplete combustion until a secondary air supply and consequent explosion.

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