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Rotterdam vulnerable to digital threats

Port of RotterdamNext week, from a collaboration between the Port of Rotterdam Authority, FERM, SmartPort, the Rotterdam Safety Alliance, the Hague University of Applied Sciences and the Avans University of Applied Sciences, a safety investigation into cybersecurity in the Port of Rotterdam will start.

Due to increasing dependence on digital systems and technologies, the need for strategic insight into cybersecurity has grown. During the World Economic Forum 2018 (23-26 January) in Davos, cybersecurity has been identified as one of the worlds biggest risks. The number of cyber attacks is increasing dramatically and cyber attacks are taxing the world economy by around $445 billion annually.

Practice has shown that companies in the port of Rotterdam could be vulnerable to digital threats. Due to the increasing level of digital information exchange and links between chains and organizations in the vital Rotterdam port area, cybersecurity is of crucial importance.

The aim of the research is to set up a baseline measurement for cybersecurity in the port area and will focus on the following three themes from an industry perspective:
1. Threats and technical measures
2. Technological dependencies and organizational measures
3. Knowledge and development need for information provision regarding cybersecurity

The cooperation between knowledge institutes, public and private partners has resulted in the design of this research. Next week the research will start by sending a survey to organizations in the port of Rotterdam.

Recently the CEO of the Rotterdam port Authority, Allard Castelein, called upon the European Union for further investments in the infrastructure of ports and hinterland connections to help improve the economy and competitiveness of Europe.

Castelein aims at expanding the so-called Connecting European Facility (CEF) with European energy transition projects. With this recommendation, Castelein joins ESPO and 40 partner organisations, who recently made a like minded call in Ljubljana.

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