Port Authority plans to expand Hinterland

Valencia PortThe President of the Port Authority of València (APV), Aurelio Martinez has detailed to the Minister of the President of the Government of Aragon, Vicente Guillén, the Plan of Intermodal Development of Valenciaport, in the course of a meeting held between both in the headquarters of the APV, in Valencia.

Aurelio Martinez explained to the representative of the Aragonese government that the objective of the study is to analyse the area of ​​influence of the ports of València, Sagunto and Gandía, and to study the areas where the presence of Valenciaport can be extended.

This is because they are productive areas that do not use in its entirety the ports of the APV or because they are areas of interest from the port perspective. This will subsequently evaluate the production or consumption areas to which it would be interested in providing rail accessibility to.

The study will delve into the potential of demand of each of the rail corridors, including the Valencia-Sagunto-Teruel Zaragoza to identify limitations, conditions of access, functional quality of the support stations to each port in relation to the internal port network, the conditions of the lines, the capacity of the facilities, etc. to decide whether or not to open possible new intermodal facilities or to determine enclaves in which commercial support can be established with cargo generating companies.

The Minister of the Presidency of Aragon has shown interest in the development of the aforementioned study.

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